Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants Volume 2

W Rodger Elliot and David L Jones
517 pages
19.7cm x 25.4cm

This publication caters for the professional horticulturist and amateur gardening enthusiast, and is written in an easy to understand style. Scientific terms, where used, have been explained or included in the comprehensive glossary. The text is complemented by many delicately executed line drawings by Trevor Blake and a wonderful selection of colour photographs. This is the second of a multi-volume set in which the authors have drawn on their extensive experience of years devoted to the culture of Australian plants. The following genera are treated in great detail - ACACIA. Over 585 species are included. BANKSIA. In this entry are all the recently named species resulting from the 1981 botanical revision. CALLISTEMON. Thorough treatment is included with over 40 species (some yet unnamed) and over 60 cultivars. Other plant groupings which have received specific coverage include; Advanced plants, Alpines, Annuals, Aquarium and Aquatic plants, Arid region plants, Carnivorous plants and Tropical plants.
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