Bush Seasons - An affectionate study of a tiny bushland

Joan Semmens
320 pages
19.5cm x 25.8cm

During many years of daily walks with a much-loved dog in a nature reserve on the outskirts of town, Joan Semmens began to document and illustrate its prolific vegetation. Gradually, as if by chance, a diary of the seasons evolved. With it evolved the author`s interest in the impact which the disorderly growth of human settlement has on native vegetation. This book bears witness to her powers of observation and allows us to see, through her eyes, the need to regard the earth not merely as something to be exploited but to be cherished - both for its own sake and for ours. At its most convincing level, this book shows in awesome detail just what it is that we stand to lose when we fail to vigorously protect and conserve even relatively small areas of the little landscape that remains of Australia`s once-vast bush and woodlands.
Price: $24.95
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