Mountain Tails

Mountain Tails

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Sharyn Munro
167 pages
13.8cm x 21cm

By the acclaimed author of The Woman on the Mountain, this collection of true tales about Sharyn Munro's wild neighbours will delight her many fans, and introduce her unique voice to many newcomers.

For 30 years Sharyn has shared her mountain-top wildlife refuge with native animals, from quolls to kookaburras, kangaroos to koalas. As her sole companions for the past six years, they have inspired her to capture their goings-on in both words and illustrations; the end result is Mountain Tails.

As she describes what she has discovered about these amazing Australian creatures, she aims to ensure they don't join the others now lost forever.

Mountain Tails is intimate, humorous and uniquely insightful; come take a walk in Sharyn's gumboots and experience life on the wild side!