Australian Native Grasses

Australian Native Grasses

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IH Chivers and KA Raulings
60 pages
21cm x 29.5cm

Growing native grasses successfully requires knowledge of the optimum conditions for each species and to assist superintendents, reveg officers and horticulturalists alike the founder of Melbourne-based company Native Seeds, Ian Chivers, together with Kath Raulings, has produced a manual for their use.

Although there are some 1100 species of grasses native to Australia, the manual concentrates on 16 of the most commonly found varieties. The authors have chosen to keep botanical terms to a minimum for ease of reference and to include practical information that is not generally available.

The manual is split into cool- and warm-season grasses with the following varieties included:
' Warm-season (kangaroo grass, redgrass, Mitchell grass, tall windmill grass, curly windmill grass, silky bluegrass or Queensland bluegrass, barbed wire grass, cotton panic grass and black spear grass)
' Cool-season (wallaby grass, weeping grass, wheat grass, red anther grass, spear grasses and tussock grass)

Each entry contains distribution maps, plant descriptions, information on soils and sowing as well as plenty of photographs of plants, seedheads and seeds and pictures and descriptions of grass seedlings in the two- or three-leaf stage. In addition to specific information on native grass varieties, the manual also takes a broader look at the benefits of using native grasses, their various applications (whether for revegetation, landscaping, use in lawns etc), sowing guidelines and ongoing research and development.